La conquistadora la conquistadora

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The statue of La Conquistadora is slightly less than three feet, at approximately 30 inches of height. Although her hair is mostly covered by a long veil, it can be seen as a dark brown, and long enough to rival her body’s height. As she is a representation of the Virgin Mary , blue is the color that she is most often seen in, which also includes the color of her eyes. Gold is another color she is often seen in, such as her earrings. The outfits that she has worn are numerous; records state that they are somewhere in the 300s. The color scheme of each outfit varies, but the majority are often blue and white with gold trimmings. On her head lies a crown of gold, which possibly relates to the Assumption of the Madonna . As Mary passes on, she is taken to Heaven and given a golden crown for her position as queen of Heaven. In her arms lies a small figure; that of the infant Jesus Christ .

La Conquistadora La ConquistadoraLa Conquistadora La ConquistadoraLa Conquistadora La ConquistadoraLa Conquistadora La Conquistadora